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Emergency Cylinder Repair

Excel Hydraulics and M-line seals received an emergency call from Aluminum Shapes in May 2017 regarding one of its cylinders from Hunger Hydraulics that is used for aluminum casting. The cylinder had developed a severe leak from the rod packing on the gland head and had become inoperable, causing a shutdown in the plant. To meet its customer commitments, Aluminum Shapes needed to diagnose the problem quickly and develop a plan to get the hydraulic casting system back up and running as fast as possible.

Excel Hydraulics’ team of experts, including owner and CEO Bob Chew, held initial phone calls to discuss and diagnose the problem, and deliver a plan to get the cylinder fixed as quickly as possible. Following a quick onsite meeting to review the cylinder schematic and complete a visual inspection, Excel’s team determined that the cylinder rod was damaged by an external force which then ended up causing additional damage to the internal components and mechanical seals in the cylinder.

Excel then worked with the customer to coordinate with its rigging company to remove the hydraulic cylinder so it could be delivered to Excel Hydraulics’ shop for repairs. Following delivery of the cylinder, Excel Hydraulics’ team of technicians worked around the clock to disassemble the custom internally-guided Hunger Hydraulics cylinder, inspect the failed parts and repair the damage. With help from Excel Hydraulics’ seal expert Duff Helmers, Excel was able to redesign, upgrade and manufacture replacements for the OEM seals and wear bands using our DMH 600 seal machine. Excel Hydraulics repaired the damaged rod was using dot welding and proprietary processes, and tested it on its custom designed cylinder bench.

The finished, painted and tested cylinder was delivered back to Aluminum Shapes on Monday morning, approximately three days after it was received and ahead of the planned schedule.

“We are excited to be part of Aluminum Shapes’ solution, which helped the company get its plant back up and running,” shared Bob Chew, Excel Hydraulics’ owner and CEO. “Excel specializes on emergency repair work and we thrive in an environment where we are up against the clock to meet our customer’s needs.”