Facility & Capabilities

Knowing that downtime negatively impacts our customers’ productivity, our knowledgeable staff design custom solutions using our highly specialized, purpose-built equipment to solve problems in-house or at our customers’ job site.

As an ISNetworld vendor with TWIC credentialed employees, the Excel Hydraulics’ team is committed to applying its knowledge, hard work and resources to perform timely and cost-efficient fittings, cylinder design, system analysis and repairs for our State and Federal clients.

System Analysis & Repair

With years of experience in the fluid power industry, we can troubleshoot issues and carry out repairs on a wide variety of hydraulic equipment. From small mobile equipment to large complex systems, there’s nothing we can’t handle. We use our wide variety of specialty tools and specialized training to quickly identify issues within a failing system or component. As we partner with stocking distributors such as Rexroth, Sun, Eaton-Vickers, Parker, Danfoss, and many others, we’re usually able to quickly secure a replacement part if we don’t already have it on hand.

Outage Services & Retrofits

We offer plant maintenance support for utilities, refineries, steel mills, manufacturing facilities and more.

As bringing online a new hydraulic system is often not a turn key endeavor, we’re here to help you get your brand-new system up and running with fabricated tubing, pipe, and hoses to connect all the dots. We offer flushing services many OEMs require and provide startup assistance and support.

Moving a unit or process? Recommissioning the equipment can often be harder than bringing a new system online. Our technical expertise in tube and piping fabrication helps you get your system running like new.

Preventive Maintenance

A little time spent on preventive maintenance can go a long way in saving significant downtime. We specialize in developing and carrying out a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for any hydraulic equipment. We perform regular PM on boom cranes, with a thorough inspection, lubrication, and filter changes. We also perform periodic PM at power plants and factories, which include filtering oil, cleaning hydraulic reservoirs, resealing valves, repairing leaks and inspecting hydraulic components.

Pump & Motor Repair

We effectively apply our years of experience and relationships built with many OEMs to evaluate your pump and motor, suggesting repair options that are often more economical than replacement. If your equipment is beyond repair, we work to secure a replacement. No job is too small or too big. If it moves or is moved by oil, we work hard to make it work for you.

Ship Renewal & Repairs

We service a wide variety of marine vessels in the commercial and government sectors, including tug boats, U.S. Coast Guard cutters, cargo ships, fishing boats, and barges. We can handle work on steering systems, davits, cranes, complete winches and windlasses. We remove and overhaul cylinders, accumulators, pumps and motors. We renew hoses with U.S. Coast Guard and ABS rated assemblies.